Funny moments of today’s Spanish class…

Me: Okay everyone. You need to settle down. When someone else is speaking, we must be respectful and not talk out of turn. Look at Edward! He has been sitting very nicely and has been quiet while everyone else has had their turn. Good job, Edward!

Edward: (Does a fist pump) Yesss!! That means I get to go to level three!

Me: Um. Yes…?


Me: We are going to go over these words until we know them inside out and backwards. I know that you can all do it.

Bella: (Really strained look on her face) Sanago? Sango? Airozana?

Me: (I have no idea what she is saying, but I decide to ignore it. I figure she’s just jibbering and being silly.)

*We continue working on the words for a few more minutes…

Bella: Songo?  Zanama? UGH! I can’t DO it!

Me: (I am so confused at this point and still have no idea why she has been jabbering to herself.) What can’t you do??

Bella: (At this point the poor girl is so frustrated and obviously beyond exasperated)  I DON’T KNOW how to say those words backwards!!

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