Sofía’s Birth, Part I

Baby Girl-

I’m writing this post for you as a way for me to remember the day of your birth, and for you to have a record of it. You are a sweet sweet girl, and as I write this, I miss you already even though you’re just sleeping in your crib. I can’t wait for you wake up so I can stare at your beautiful perfect face. Every time I look at you I see absolute perfection. I can’t believe you’re all mine.

Here is the story of your birth… part 1.

I have to rewind back to Sunday, August 28th. It was the night right after our area was hit by Hurricane Irene. There were fallen trees all over the place and the power was out. I woke up  to go to the bathroom around 6:00 AM, and felt that maybe my water had broken. I didn’t have my glasses on, there was no power, and I was completely disoriented. I walked back and forth in our bedroom in a zombie-like panic not knowing what to do. “Did this just happen?” I then hear myself mumble, “Chris…” Wouldn’t wake up. I then say his name again. He immediately asks me what’s wrong, and I tell him that I think my water may have broken, but that I’m not sure. Chris steps it up into high gear while I’m standing there wanting to bawl. I called the doctor and he told me to come to the hospital even though I told him I was not feeling any contractions.

We quickly grabbed our things and drove to the hospital. I remember seeing fallen trees everywhere. I couldn’t believe this had all happened the night before. To make a long story short, the next few hours consisted of lots of medical questions, being hooked up to monitors, walking, etc. As it turns out,  I was getting regular contractions, but I just didn’t know it. It was kind of funny. The nurse hooked me up to a monitor and said, “You’re having a contraction!” I was so confused. I thought you were was just climbing up into my ribs! In the end, it was a false alarm and we were sent home since I was two days short of being 39 weeks. I’m still a little curious about it though… oh well.

Fast forward to very early Thursday morning (the nurses later jokingly called it “O-Dark Thirty” since I had no clue what time it was), I got up to go to the bathroom and thought that maybe my water had broken…again. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. There was no gush, so I thought that this was just a false alarm. I didn’t call the doctor because there was no way I was going to be that woman who cried wolf.

But as the morning wore on, I kept thinking that I should at least get in to see my OBGYN just to make sure everything was okay. I called the office around 10 AM and they said the doctor could see me in five minutes or 2:00 PM. Lucky that I live so close to their offices. Anyway, I picked Chris up and we went to the doctor. I kept telling myself that this was just another false alarm. The doctor came in and said that most likely, you were just sitting on my bladder. He then performed the first of two tests to see if my membrane had ruptured. The first was a pH test. He did his thing, looked at the strip, and said, “Oh! It’s purple.” In my head I kept thinking, “Purple? WHAT’s purple? What does purple mean?” I just laid there. He then said that they were going to perform a second test, and that if it came back positive (which he thought it would) it means that my membrane did in fact rupture. He left the room and Chris and I looked at each other not really knowing what was going on. It just wasn’t clicking. A few minutes later the doctor came in with a huge smile on his face and said, “You’re having a baby today! Can you go straight to the hospital?”

We were in shock. We were so excited as we left the room, and I turned to one of the random nurses on our way out and said, “We’re having a baby today!”

As it turns out, the doctor and I were both wrong. I was in for a bit of long night…

5 thoughts on “Sofía’s Birth, Part I

  1. Randi says:

    Oh my gosh. Look what you did. Good job Karim! She is so perfect! I hope you are feeling good and baby is doing well!

  2. Kallie says:

    Ahhhh cliff hanger! I’m dying for part 2!!!

  3. suzy says:

    Exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Jenna says:

    Congrats!! I love reading birth stories so thanks for sharing! I am excited for you guys to enjoy your little one!

  5. Jenn says:

    I love this. =) Your sweet little one is going to LOVE that you created a written memory for her.

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